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Welcome to
Kennel Ravenheights
Welcome to Ravenheights. Before you go further, we would like to introduce us. We, a fourheaded family from Utrecht (Hoograven), very intensively spend time searching for a dog race which has character traits like: family-suitable, robust, active and pleasant character with a suitable size. Thus we discovered the Parson Russell terrier for us. In november 2006 Rindo came to us. She confirmed all characteristic behavior of this dograce. She brought us so much joy, that we obtained Kyra in mei 2007. She also was absolute character correct. The beginning as a small breeder was there.  In december 2009 Binouk was born as a daughter of Kyra and we decided to keep  her with us. To compleet our wishes for having a real big
dog also, we bought Obi (Russkaja Mechta Ogneny Oblik). This Dobermann inhabits our home sinds 7may 2011 and grabbed her way in a not very submissive way in our parsonfamily. So meanwhile our house is filled with 4 Parson Russell and 1 big Dobermann Guard dog.
At last we decided to keep Ravenheights Ilva, from Binouks 4th litter. She was borned at 24  march 2016.
...Guard Dog
Fearless Curious
Resolute Strong...
Our goal is to have a puppynest now and than and to offer a few puppies for sale to people who are serious interested in a PRT orPJRT. We don't have a kennel or accomodation in which we can hold a lot of dogs. The care of our dogs and their puppies is our first priority. This website is not ment for putting our dogs for sale, but it is our main intention to be informative.  Moreover it shows our enthusiasm in having a Parson Jack Russell and handeling them. On our site you also can see lots of video's-files and pictures of the PRT and PJRT.
Childfriendly Cuddlepuppies
PRT  Roughhair
Broken coated Tricolour
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Are you looking for a puppy, than you can find under the button pupinfo if we have a puppy nest at the moment and if there are still puppies for sale. Also you can see if we are expecting or planning a nest.
You can give us your special requests if you have a a certain pup in mind. A male or female, roughhair, broken coated or a certain colour, just call or mail us, if you are interested or if you have a question.
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